Mack Shearer enlisted in the Army in 1961. He specialized in the transportation field, and won numerous awards for his service. After receiving an honorable discharge in 1967 Mack continued to pursue his career in the transportation industry. Mack and Jan married in the spring of 1983. Mack was a truck driver with two sons, and Jan was a single mom working in a factory raising two sons of her own. In 1986 they became the proud owners of their first truck. Together they had a dream. Not to be the biggest transportation company, but to be the best. They started their business with a dream of one day owning at least ten trucks, and they began their journey of chasing that dream. It didn’t take long for Mack and Jan to reach that dream, and surpass it. Every time they reached a dream, they dared to dream bigger. Mack and Jan learned that reaching a dream was not the most rewarding part, but Chasing a dream was where the magic happened. They understood that a combination of hard work, desire, and faith could make anything possible. They instilled in their sons those same values, and they adopted the motto “Chasing the American Dream”, which you will see on all of our trucks to this day.

Together Mack, Jan, and their sons built a company with more than 30 trucks servicing 48 states and the Fayetteville Shale oilfield industry. In 2011 the company had grown to a point where it was more feasible to split the company. McSheer Truck’in LLC serviced the oilfield, and Dry Mtn. Xpress became our over the road company. Unfortunately Mack passed away that same year. Jan and their sons continued the legacy of “Chasing the American Dream”, and have instilled those same values throughout the companies. Jan became the CEO overseeing the companies. Brint Hartwick became the COO of McSheer Truck’in. Billy Mack Shearer became the COO of Dry Mtn. Xpress, and Brad Hartwick became the COO of Hwy 5 welding and truck service.

Today all of our trucks are back under the flagship Company McSheer Truck’in, LLC. We have a fleet of more than 50 trucks servicing 48 Contiguous States, and are continuing to grow. We have dry vans, flatbeds, and RGNs to service a wide spectrum of our Customers needs. McSheer Continental Logistics is our Brokerage division, and McSheer IC is our Independent Contractor division. Together we have the capacity to serve our customer’s needs, with access to multiple modes of transportation. If you are a professional Driver looking for a place to call home, we are family owned, family operated, and family oriented. We understand that no one in our company is more important than anyone else, and that it takes everyone working together to reach the dream.

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